The numbers written in the decimal form are called decimal numbers or simply decimals


4.1 is read four point one

12.05 is read twelve point zero five.

The decimal number(decimal)  has two parts

whole number part and decimal part

These  parts are separated by a dot(. ) called decimal point

The parts to the right of the decimal point is called the decimal part of the number and the part to the left of the decimal point is called the integral part (whole number)

The digits in decimal part are read individually (including zero) with out naming the places.

The decimal part of the number is always less than one.

If there is no number in whole number part, it should be taken as zero ‘0’

For example    .7 can written as 0.7in 0.4 there is one decimal place.

Addition of decimals:

Step 1 :     Convert all the given decimals into like decimals

Step 2 :     Write the decimals one under the other with decimal points of all the addends in the same column

Step 3 :     Add  as in the case  of whole number.

Step   4  :  In the sum, put the decimal point directly under the decimal points of the addends.



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