BODMAS RULE ( Maths-VBODMAS-Simplifications )

Simplification is a process of reducing a complex arithmetical expression into a simple expression.

A simple technique for arranging the expression in the proper sequence is chronology involving “ VBODMAS “ rule which is explained below.


To simplify arithmetic expressions, which involve various operations like brackets, multiplication, addition etc.,

A particular sequence of the operations has to be followed the operations have to be carried out in the order in which they appear in the word VBODMAS Where different letters of the word stand for following operations. ​

1). 4×8÷2+7-6
2). 12 + 25 ÷5 ×6-9
3). 4+6[6-{15÷3(8-7×2)

Q4) 783÷9÷0.75 = ?
A) 180 B) 124 C) 118 D) 116

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