1) If 1 more bead is added at tens and hundreds place each and 2 beads are taken away from units place, then the difference between the number on abacus as shown and the new number formed is  

(a) One hundred twenty six

(b) Three hundred nine

(c) One hundred eight

(d) Two hundred thirty five

Answer c

first 2436 after change  2544

difference is 108

2) During a discount sale on a shop, 197 customers visit on the first day. 220 more customers visit on the second day than the first day. How many customers visit the shop on both the days together?

(a) 417

(b) 614

(c) 580

(d) 323

Answer  —    b

first day 197

second day  197 + 220 = 417

total visit in two days    197 + 417  =  614

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