Polynomial: –  An algebraic expression in which the powers of the variables involved are non negative integers,  is called a polynomial. 

Polynomials in two or more variables :-

An algebraic expression involving  two or more variables in which the powers of  the variable  are non – negative integers is called a polynomial  in these variables.

Polynomials in one variable :-

An algebraic expression involving only one variable in which the powers of  the variable are non  – negative integers is a polynomial in that variable.


This is a polynomial in one variable.

Each term of the polynomial consists     of the products of a constant,
called the coefficient of the term and a  finite number of variables raised to non  negative integral powers.

Linear Polynomial:   A polynomial of degree one is called a Linear Polynomial.

Quadratic polynomial :  A polynomial of degree two is called a Quadratic polynomial.

Cubic polynomial :  A polynomial of degree three  is called a cubic polynomial .

Biquadratic polynomial :  A polynomial of degree four  is called a Biquadratic polynomial.

constant  polynomial:- A polynomial  degree is 0  is called a constant polynomial

Zero polynomial:  The polynomial having all coefficients as zero is called zeo polynomial.

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