Right angled Triangle:-

A triangle in which one of the angles measures 90 0 is called a right angled triangle or simply  right triangle.


observe figure ABC  is a right angle triangle  at Angle B opposite side of right angle is biggest side AC is the longest side, it is called “hypotenuse”.

In a right triangle, the square of length of the hypotenuse is equal to the sum  of the squares  of lengths  of the other two sides. 

Given :

ABC is a right triangle, right angle at B

RTP : AC 2 = AB2  + BC2

Construction : Draw BD perpendicular to AC.

Proof :

In ∆ ADB and  ∆ABC

A= ∠A

ADB= ABC90 0

By AA similarity property


sides are proportional

Similarly in BDC  and ABC

C= C

BDC= ABC=  90 0

By AA similarity property


sides are proportional


Hence proved

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